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I served as Art and Animation Director, logo designer, and helped out on story,

backgrounds, and character design.
The team was Dom Corolla, Tony West, Darko Fabecic, Pam Darley,

Royal Riedinger, Erin Humiston, Mitch and Maria Gorshin.

The Chronicles of Zahi is an original concept developed by Mitch Gorshin, Dr. Zahi Hawass (former Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt & inspiration for the Indiana Jones character) and my animation team at Toonwerks. The premise was to take the very ‘animated’, passionate style of Dr. Hawass, combine it with his brilliance of all things Egypt, and make it come to life through his eyes as a 10 year old boy. One part Scooby Doo , one part TinTin & one part National Geographic make up this exciting episodic adventure through history. All characters have been fully developed and have character bibles with complete turnarounds and style guides (animation test below) and are fully endorsed by Dr. Zahi Hawass. The Chronicles of Zahi is currently seeking investors for production of either theatrical, episodic or private use. All copyrights reserved and owned by Mitch Gorshin.

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